Arrival to Elba


How to get to the island of Elba? Is it possible to drive your own car across the Alps and through Italy? What are the connections by train and by plane. Both options for traveling to Elba promise less stress than traveling by car - a journey to this island that ultimately cannot be done without using other means of transport.

Arriving by car

The journey to Elbe with your own or a rented mobile home or your own car is exhausting, but worthwhile in several ways. Because the Arriving by car The island, which is located almost ten kilometers from the Italian mainland, leads over the Alps. However, due to the heavy traffic during the holiday season, the car route across the Alps is a bottleneck. There are a lot of traffic jams. But the quite long and long journey by car Elba-Island offers plenty of space for design for a very individual journey. The advantage of traveling by car is that the motorways across the Alps are very well developed. There are many opportunities to take a break, which makes sense with such a long journey of several hundred kilometers.

Coming from Munich by car or mobile home takes around 10 hours. If you live further north than Munich, you have to expect an even longer journey to the island of Elba. The journey by car goes over the Alps via Innsbruck - Bolzano - Trient - Verona - Bologna and Florence further towards the west coast of Italy to Plombino, where a car ferry has to be used, which translates to the island of Elba.

If you want to shorten the journey by car, you can cover part of the route with the DB Autozug. This makes getting to Elba a little easier and more convenient. However, the partial journey by DB Autozug is not cheap. There are DB Autozug terminals in Verona and Alessandria (Piermont).

When traveling to Elba by car, please note that tolls apply for many routes. This must be included in the cost of the trip. A page with information about the Toll in Italy we have put together.

With the ferry to Elba

Once you are in your car with the DB Autozug or the car in Piombino have arrived, it goes - one way or another - with the ferry. The journey to Elba is ultimately only possible by ferry. From Piombino the ferries all cross over to Cavo, located on the northeastern tip of Elba. You have to book the ferry crossing to Elba in advance. The ferry lines are served several times a day from mainland Italy. The crossing to Elba takes 35 to 70 minutes from each ferry port. over AFerry the price for a trip by car is between € 150, - and € 200, -.

By train to Elba

You will also arrive at the ferry port of Piombino if you are planning your journey to Elba by train. The train connections all end in Campiglia Marittima, 20 minutes from Piombino. The last few kilometers to the ferry port have to be covered by bus. The bus stop ends right in front of the jetties where you have to embark on the ferries. Train delays must of course be taken into account when traveling to Elba in this way.

Fly to Elba

You can also travel to Elba by plane. More precisely, they are small planes that can land at the island's airport, which is located north of Marina di Campo. There are also some airlines that fly directly to Elba in the summer months. Alternative flight destinations are Rome, Milan, Florence and Pisa at. Regional airlines fly from here to the island of Elba. Direct flights to Elba are offered in the summer months from some Swiss airports as well as from Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg as well as from Vienna. The flight time from Munich to the island of Elba takes a little more than an hour to get to Elba.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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