The most beautiful beaches on Elba


The island of Elba has many great beaches that are worth seeing. Elba itself is one of the largest Tuscan islands. Here visitors can encounter a wide variety. Beaches, pebble bays and white pebbles are just a few of the examples. Even rocks made of smooth granite can be found. The crystal clear sea also stands out. Even against the Caribbean, no one has to hide. But who exactly are the most beautiful beaches in Elba? A few of them are presented in the following article. So if you are interested in staying here, you should definitely take a closer look.

Where are the most beautiful stalls in Elba?

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The Gravels

The Gravels
The Gravels

The first highlight is Le Ghiaie beach. It is located directly in a nature reserve. More precisely, near the historic old town of Portoferraio. The main focus is on the texture. Magnificent reflections in the water are another feature. The sea in front of this beach contracts about a mile together with the rock "Scoglietto". And it has been under nature protection since 1971. The reason lies in the rich marine fauna. Visitors get one of the best spots for diving here. Accordingly, fishing is prohibited. Great fish can be observed just a few meters from the shore. Further key data about the beach are now available: - Length of around 330 meters / 75 meters of rocky coastline - Width of 18 meters - Promenade separates the beach and the public park - Services / bars & restaurants / ice cream parlors - no boat traffic

Cala DEI Frati

Cala dei Frati
Cala dei Frati

When talking about the most beautiful beaches on Elba, Cala DEI Frati must not be forgotten. In a nutshell, it is a small beach with white pebbles, which can only be reached by sea. The beach measures approximately 100 meters in length. In terms of width, it looks much narrower at 2 to 10 meters. The location is a specialty. Since it is exposed to the north north-east, it is perfectly protected against winds from the south. The hours of sunshine are few, but unique. A shadow already falls around 14 p.m. Otherwise, visitors can benefit from other features such as: - smoothly polished pebbles of white sand - transparent water - View over the fortresses of Portoferraio - no beach services The beach can therefore only be reached via the sea. The independent hike is also possible, but not recommended as the water goes up to your hips.


Padulella beach

If you can't get enough of the most beautiful beaches in the... Elba-Island If you can get it, you should definitely take a look at Padulella. This is also one of the beautiful white beaches that Elba has to offer. A very popular place for tourists. The high rocks particularly stand out. You plunge straight into the clear, blue water. A few more details: - Length around 170 meters - rich in marine life - many services such as bar / umbrellas and the like The beach can be reached in two ways. Either by following the road signs or by taking a small footpath. From the barrier, only walking is possible.

White Chief

The most beautiful beaches on Elba Island have even more to offer. How about the Copa Bianco, for example. This is about a beach that is 280 meters long and 20 meters wide. The focus is clearly on the small white pebbles that are everywhere. They are very similar to the other beaches on the northern side such as:

  • Sottobomba
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Sottomba has already been mentioned in the above beach and is also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Elba. Much of this beach is wild and unspoiled. Ideal for discovery. With a length of around 200 meters and a width of 3 to 14 meters, it is not particularly large. But the back is interesting. There is a white rocky coast with a height between 20 and 40 meters. You can also experience: - snorkeling - wonderful sight - overgrown with small Maccia plants


Spiaggia dei Prunini
Spiaggia dei Prunini or Secciona

The term Seccione is also used very often when talking about the most beautiful beaches on the island of Elba. It is located in the municipality of Portoferraio and is made up of gravel and sand. In length it can be an impressive 180 meters. What makes it so unique? That would be among others: - bars - minibuses - Canoe rental - deck chairs - Pedal boat rental - Bathhouse Transparency and clarity in the water are just as important. Incidentally, the beach is suitable for all those who are looking for a lot of peace and nature. The beach can be reached by road. There is sufficient signage.


If you are unsure or have no idea, there is another great beach to discover with Pinetina, which also fits well into the category “The most beautiful beaches on the Island of Elba”. The whole thing is on the northern side of the island. It is made up of gravel and is 30 meters long. Only services are not offered. But Darfur has the following special features to discover: - is located in the Gulf of Viticcio - smoothly ground rocks by the sea - crystal clear water and great shades of blue - gives the impression of a closed sea - quiet place to relax


It is high time for those who have not yet heard of Sorgente. It extends over a length of about 80 meters and has a lot to offer. Going out at night and enjoying a cocktail in a bar? Rent a canoe and go out into the sea? Or simply soak up the sun comfortably for a few hours on a deck chair? All of that can be done here. And that is why Sorgente is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Elba. By the way, on June 12, 2016, the municipality issued an order with new laws on the subject of shipping safety. The new regulations are intended to significantly increase the safety of visitors.


Biodola beach, Elba
Biodola beach, Elba

A fine sandy beach in one of Elba's many bays goes by the name of Biodola. The beach is like a natural amphitheater. At least in terms of design. At around 600 meters, a lot of landscape and path can be explored here. But the real special features include bars, car parking lots, newsagents, boat and pedal boat rentals, restaurants, canoeing schools and sailing schools. Here nothing is left to be desired and compared to the other beaches mentioned above, pure entertainment is provided here. Therefore, it is not without reason that one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Elba.


Last but not least, Forno. Above all, visitors get something for their eyes here. On the beach there are small houses that are right next to each other. A balance of pastel colors creates the necessary holiday mood. At 120 meters in length, it is not very large. Nevertheless, the beach has a lot to offer such as the rental of boats, bars and a buoy field.


The beach is also protected by the steep and high cliffs. Clarity and silence are asked for. It is best to keep a little further away from the rocks. From time to time there can be stone falls, but they are well secured.


Do you feel like visiting the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island? A few cool places have already been mentioned. However, there are so many other places to discover that have not been addressed in this article. In a nutshell, it is a great island with a multitude of possibilities to spend your vacation.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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