Adventures on the water: yacht charter on the Tuscan coast


Tuscany is known for its breathtaking landscapes, art and delicious cuisine. But have you ever thought of exploring the region from the water? A yacht charter on the Tuscan coast offers a unique and unforgettable holiday experience where you can let yourself be carried by the waves of the sea.

Holidays in Tuscany - the best season for a yacht charter

The sea offers you an incomparable feeling of freedom. Usually you can see the expanse of the ocean from the beach, at a yacht charter the perspective changes. Instead of looking out over the water, look down at the beach from aboard your yacht, sailboat, or catamaran. All the people seem like little busy dots the further you move from the shore.

If you want to go sailing, the ideal travel time is between April and October. Here you can trust the gentle winds to give you the propulsion you need to push you across the sea. If you use a motorized yacht, you should also choose the warm season for your vacation. So you always have the opportunity to disembark for a little refreshing dive and bask in the sun.

The Tuscan coast is made for a yacht charter

Tuscany not only has a breathtaking coast, but also exciting and diverse landscapes. Boaters and sailors choose between different routes that lead them through sheltered bays to lively harbors. Since the climate is pleasantly mild for several months, nothing stands in the way of a trip by yacht.

Discover the enchanting towns and villages that you will find all along the Tuscan coast. Pisa, Lucca and Livorno are just a few locations that you can discover on a shore excursion. Also the famous one Florence is always worth a visit. Thanks to the culinary variety, you will not only find sights here, but also all kinds of culinary delights on every visit to land.

Thanks to the wide range of boats, you can decide for yourself at what pace you want to explore the coast. You are also entirely free to make your own decisions regarding the duration of your water journey. Choose the perfect yacht charter for the entire duration of your vacation or just spend a few days on board and the rest of the time on land.

Which boat goes particularly well with a holiday in Tuscany?

You are still not sure which boat you want along the Tuscan coast allowed to transport? Then discover the diverse options available to you:

  • The catamaran: A catamaran is a two-hull boat that offers you a lot of comfort and space. It is the ideal choice if you want to travel with friends or family. On a catamaran you can not only enjoy the sun, but also have a barbecue at sunset, sleep well and experience lots of adventures.
  • The sailing boat: Sailors who want to enjoy the feeling of wind and water on the sea are best served with a sailing boat. They are available in different configurations, from small to large for the whole family. Let yourself drift and spend your summer vacation on the water.
  • The motor boat: Do you want to explore the coast quickly and dash from place to place? A motorboat is the perfect companion. It is also ideal for fishing trips or water skiing. Motor boats with cabins are always suitable if you not only want to move around, but also want to sleep on deck.
  • The yacht: It is the luxury statement for everyone who wants to celebrate glamor and splendor on a vacation in Tuscany. Equipped with sun decks and other amenities, you can easily spend several weeks here without missing any luxury. The perfect choice for those who want to fully immerse themselves in adventure on the water.

Conclusion: Discover beautiful coasts - explore Tuscany by yacht

The Tuscan coast offers numerous wonderful regions for sailing, which are particularly popular in summer. The islands of Elba, Giglio and are definitely worth mentioning here Capraia, but also the coastal sections between Livorno and Piombino are perfect for sailing adventures.

Enjoy a holiday that gives you maximum freedom. Resting on a yacht doesn't mean there aren't opportunities for ground beneath your feet. You decide when you head for one of the numerous ports in Tuscany and go ashore.

In addition, there are a variety of small bays to discover, which offer you the opportunity to take a short breather. Explore stretches of beach that are not even accessible without the right boat. Here you are guaranteed to relax, without noise, without mass tourism and all to yourself. The yacht charter is a must for all lovers of the ocean, because on board you will experience Tuscany in a completely new way.

Last updated: 29.02.2024

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