Dream trip to Tuscany: This is how German vacationers plan their trip


Tuscany is considered an absolute dream destination for travelers from all over the world. The region in central Italy impresses with beautiful landscapes, charming villages and lots of cuisine. The journey from Germany is short and affordable, which is why many German holidaymakers explore the beautiful wine region every year. We reveal how you can make the trip perfect and what you definitely shouldn't miss!

In no time in Tuscany

There are several large cities in Tuscany that have good infrastructure. There are a total of four airports in the region, two of which are served by international airlines. You can either Florence, the capital of Tuscany, or go to the nearest airport in Pisa. Even from northern Germany the flight route is short and affordable. So you can e.g. b. Cheap flights from Hamburg to Tuscany Book, which often take less than four hours with a one-off change. If you book outside of the season, you can even find ticket prices in the double-digit range in each direction. There are also some direct flights from Frankfurt Pisa and Florence offered. Both airports have good connections. Anyone who arrives in Florence can get on the train straight away and continue their journey. In Pisa there is a bus connection to and from the airport to the center. Of course, shuttles and taxis are also available to take you directly to your destination. For those holidaymakers who want to be mobile in Tuscany, cars can also be rented directly at the airport. The rental prices are particularly affordable if the car is booked online in conjunction with the flight. 

Visit beautiful cities

The journey can be started perfectly from Pisa or Florence. Both cities are known for their incredible architecture and their exciting History world famous. Pisa is known for its landmark, the Leaning Tower, which can be found right next to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The breathtaking structure dates back to the 12th century and impresses with incredible details. The lively Borgo Stretto shopping street and the accessible city walls invite you to take a long walk and exude a Mediterranean flair. Since Pisa has many day tourists who stay overnight in other regions, the city is not quite as touristy and the hotel prices are a little cheaper. Of course you should also pay a visit to Florence. 

The capital of Tuscany is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world and is often considered the cultural center of the Renaissance in Europe. Architecture, art and craftsmanship meet here at the highest level. In Florence, one unique building stands next to the other. One of the most important sights is the Old Bridge, which is considered one of the oldest arch bridges in the world. There are small shops directly on the bridge that sell antiques, high-quality jewelry, etc. The Palazzo Vecchio is also worth a visit. This palace now serves as Florence's town hall and is a real feast for the eyes, and not just from the outside. Inside, the building boasts hundreds of paintings on the walls and ceiling, impressive statues, decorations and more. Other must-sees are: Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the view from Piazzale Michelangelo.


Picturesque landscape meets good wine

Of course, it's not just the cities that delight in Tuscany. Many visitors come primarily because of the region's beautiful landscape, which is depicted in numerous paintings and photographs. Tuscany is known for its rolling green hills and vineyards, cypress avenues and olive groves. Curvy country roads lead from one small village to the next, with only nature in between as far as the eye can see. A third of all of Tuscany consists of the Chianti region, where the red wine of the same name is grown and is produced. But the Maremma is also a scenic highlight of Tuscany. The marshy coast was once uninhabited, but was drained and settled in the 19th century. Today it is considered particularly fertile soil and is used as a wine-growing region. There are also dense forest areas in the Maremma that are home to wild boars, wolves and many other animals.

Culinary delights to indulge in: delicacies from Tuscany

Of course, many travelers also end up in Tuscany because of the delicious Italian cuisine. In addition to the Chianti wine for which the region is known, it also offers many other delicacies. Cheese lovers will get their money's worth here. Since there are a particularly large number of flocks of sheep in Tuscany, a lot of Pecorino is produced here. The tradition of making Pecorino goes back to the Etruscans. The goat cheese Formaggi Caprini della Maremma also tastes fantastic. One of the most popular dishes in Tuscany is the bread soup Pappa al Pomodoro, which is made with tomatoes, bread and chicken broth. Flavored with fresh basil, it is a true dream for the taste buds. How important bread for is Tuscan cuisine, also shows the panzanella bread salad, which is usually prepared with ciabatta and fresh vegetables. In Tuscany, people particularly like to use chestnuts for sweet dishes. The Castagnaccio is a delicious cake made from chestnut flour, which impresses with its nutty, earthy taste. 

A trip to Tuscany has many facets and could hardly be more varied. It is best for German holidaymakers to fly to one of the two large airports in Pisa or Florence. From here you can visit the beautiful cities of the region and be amazed by the impressive architecture of Italy. Then we head into the countryside, where cypress avenues, vineyards and wild nature await. Culinary highlights can be found everywhere in Tuscany: everything from delicious sheep's cheese to tomato-based bread soup. At the end you can have a good sip of wine straight from the local farm - and your holiday is perfect.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

Image courtesy of vrolanas / Pixabay

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