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Massa-Carrara Province
Massa-Carrara Province

Massa-Carrara belongs to the northern tip of Tuscany and is therefore in Italy. The region is known worldwide for its marble mining and the most beautiful types of marble, such as the “Statuario” from Carrara. You can also admire some of the most famous marble statues here, some examples of which are the “David” and “Moses”.

The special landscape features of Massa-Carrara

The entire area is located in the Apennine mountain range, which means that a large part of the province is mountainous. In the north you can find the Apuan Alps. These mountains reach heights of almost 2000 meters. Towards the south the mountains gradually become lower. The western part of the province is on the coast and is therefore flat. The region is known for its most beautiful and cleanest beaches in all of Italy. These include:

  • Marina di Carrara
  • Partaccia
  • Marina di Massa
  • Poveromo

For this reason they were Blue flag beaches excellent. Another natural highlight are the underground caves, such as the Grotte di Equi. Here you can admire ancient stalactites and stalagmites or take part in one of the many concerts.

Hiking and other activities

Walking tour
Massa-Carrara is home to one of the most popular hiking routes, the so-called Via Francigena. In the Middle Ages, this road was the most important route through all of Europe. The hike consists of 4 stages from Cisa to Pontremoli, from there to Aulla, to Avenza and finally to Pietrasanta. These hikes usually last between 5 and 8 hours and can easily be completed in one day. There are numerous opportunities for refreshment breaks along the entire route.

Bicycle tour
Despite being mostly mountainous, Massa-Carrara is perfect for bike tours. The Via Francigena is best suited for extensive exploring by bike. On this route you can explore the entire province. Many sights and museums can be admired on this tour. The entire route is around 24 kilometers long and is therefore suitable as a leisurely day trip.

Wellness and Relaxation
Wellness enthusiasts will also get their money's worth in Massa-Carrara. The Thermal baths of Equi, which are located near the grotto of the same name, are fed by natural water sources. Here you can relax in the best possible way and enjoy one of the many spa treatments.
They are located just outside of Massa San Carlo thermal baths. Its spring water rises from caves in the Apuan Alps that are 12 degrees Celsius deep. This is mainly suitable for drinking cures.

Highlights of the Massa-Carrara region

The entire province of Massa-Carrara offers numerous castles, churches and places of worship that you can explore at your leisure.

If you explore them City of Carrara you can't avoid visiting the impressive cathedral from the 11th century. This was completely covered with Carrara marble. Another highlight in this city is the Academy of Fine Arts with its many statues in front of the building and in the garden. Anyone who is interested in the history of Carrara marble cannot avoid visiting the Marble Museum.

Another city highlight is the village of Massa, which was founded in the 11th century. The historic Massa has a castle that dominates the entire town center. Along with the cathedral, this is considered a real tourist magnet.

Particularly worth seeing is the old abbey of San Caprasio, as well as the Brunella fortress with the natural history museum.

This city attracts with its old town charm and invites you to visit the Museo delle Statue Stele Lunigianesi in the old fortress.

Culinary specialties

Like every other Italian province, Massa-Carrara has its own specialties. For example, there is the Lardo di Colonnata, bacon aged in large marble vats with herbs and salt. Also try the Marocca Di Casola, a bread made from 70% chestnut flour. This tastes best with honey. The most unusual cheese in this province is Caciotta di mucca. It tastes slightly sweet and is only slightly pronounced, so it can be combined well with local honey.


These were just a few insights into the province of Massa-Carrara. See for yourself and visit this beautiful spot in Tuscany.

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