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Province of Pisa
Province of Pisa

The city of Pisa is located in western Tuscany and is the capital of the province of the same name. A total of around 420.000 people live in the province, around 90.000 of them in the capital alone. In the Middle Ages, Pisa was one of the four seafaring republics of Italy and was constantly in competition with the neighboring Tuscan republics Lucca, Florence and Siena.

Lots of culture and places full of history

The region is very rich and boasts a wide range of culture, many towns are full of interesting history, some of which dates back to the 8th century BC. BC! There are also many exciting museums in Pisa, including the National Museum of St. Matthew. If you are more interested in technical stuff, you should definitely stop by the “Museo degli Strumenti”. There you can see the history of computer science and electronic data processing.

Pure nature and great hikes

The landscape of Pisa is rather flat, but the rest of the district is more hilly, so this area of ​​Tuscany is also a beautiful area for extensive hiking. The enchanting nature of the Gengend should not be neglected under any circumstances. A good example of this is the San Rossore Natural Park, which also has a variety of beautiful Hiking opportunities offers.

Activities in the region

The province is also ideal for cycling. In the lowlands around the capital there are a number of attractive cycle paths that are also easy for children to navigate. And if you want to take things a little more quietly, the “Cosmopolitan Golf Country Club” golf course is just right for you. The golf club with a length of 6.291 meters and a total of 18 holes is located near the center and is located directly on the coast in Tirrenia. The exciting thing about this golf course, which sets it apart from the many other smaller golf courses, is that it has completely adapted to nature. For example, some areas are on sand and not always on the usual golf turf.

Relaxation in the region's thermal baths

Even pure relaxation shouldn't be a problem in this beautiful region of Tuscany. There are a total of 3 thermal springs in the province with wellness facilities! Right near the center San Giuliano Terme and a few kilometers to the east the Uliveto Terme. There you can not only enjoy drinking cures, but that Spring water of Uliveto Terme is even bottled and sold. Then there are those Casciana Terme, whose spring water is called Aqua Mathilda and has healing properties. Due to its natural mineral salt content, it has long been used to treat osteoarthritis, sciatica and rheumatism.

Sights in the capital

The most famous landmark in Pisa is the “Leaning Tower of Pisa“ from the 14th century, but the province also offers many other sights worth visiting, such as the Piazza dei Miracoli, which translates as “Square of Miracles”. In the region's main religious square there are several buildings that have to do with the life of the Pisans.
Pisa Cathedral also needs to be mentioned. Like the Leaning Tower, it also sank slightly in the east because of the soft ground. The masterpiece of the church is the pulpit of Giovanni Pisano. It was created between 1302 and 1311. The 9 pictures in the round pulpit tell the Bible stories in their own unique way.

Beaches in Pisa and surroundings

There are no beaches in the area itself, but you still don't have to miss out on a day at the beach. The “Marina di Pisa” beach, for example, is only about 11,8 km from the center and “Torre del Lago Puccini” can also be reached by car after 15,9 km from the capital.

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