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Province of Livorno
Province of Livorno

Lively Livorno region

The Livorno region stretches along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea with impressive cliffs that slope steeply down to the sea, pretty seaside resorts and beautiful gently sloping sandy beaches.

Idyllic villages between olive groves and vineyards

Active holidaymakers can hike the beautiful province on countless hiking trails. Medieval villages nestle cozily on the many hills. Extensive pine forests always provide shade. Vineyards and extensive holm oak forests alternate with each other.

The pilgrimage site of Montenero invites you to rest and reflect. Fantastic old hiking trails - the Pinta - lead through the hilly landscape and further down to the coast.

The very fertile hinterland of the region is a paradise for nature lovers. The most interesting hiking routes allow you to discover secret corners around Collesalvetti on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback. The hills were formed 15 to 20 million years ago and today represent a naturalistic, historical and at the same time ecological heritage of immeasurable and attractive value.

Impressive paths wind through the evergreen Mediterranean scrub. Watercourses and old water mills make the hikes even more attractive. Several village-like settlements make up the municipality of Collesalvetti and are largely part of the Parco delle colline livornesi (Park of the Livornese Hills) natural park. The park is also a green lung for the port city. The aqueduct of Colognole (Acquedotto Leopoldino) is worth seeing. It leads over 20 kilometers through forests and the typical maquis from the Livornese hills to Livorno.

Enchanting coastal strip

In addition to the picture-perfect Tuscan landscape, the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea is also home to wonderful beaches, lively seaside resorts and sophisticated seaside resorts. The elegant seaside resort of Castiglioncello is reminiscent of bygone glamorous times with its nostalgic charm. Small bays with light sandy beaches and steep cliffs stretch along the coast.
Popular with holidaymakers, the village of Rosignano Solvay has earned the nickname "Italy's Caribbean" for its gorgeous powdery white beaches.
The small town of Antignano lies on the cliffs of the region. Here the forested coast plunges deep into the sea. Thanks to the mild climate, aniseed, ginger and citrus plants thrive and exude an intoxicating scent. The locals use it to create the well-known Galliano liqueur with the addition of around two dozen herbs.
Towards the north, the beaches are flatter and suitable for families with children. The very lively Tirrenia is one of the most popular seaside resorts with a wide range of sports options. On the beach, sailing and surfing schools, tennis courts and a beautifully located 18-hole golf course ensure that there is no chance of boredom.

Extraordinary excursions

A unique bathing complex lies in the mountains of the region. In the natural Giusti cave, at a depth of 200 meters, there are hot springs that... Giusti thermal baths Food. Both the temperature and humidity are so optimal that a variety of health services attract guests from all over the world. Guests can find relaxation and recreation in special relaxation areas on wooden lounge chairs on natural stone terraces under stalactites and stalakmites. Another highlight in the grotto is the Limbo thermal lake.
The trip to the miniature island of Meloria off the coast of Livorno is also unusual. The island's real attraction is the perfectly preserved lighthouse from 1709.

Culinary delicacies and souvenirs

The spicy sheep's cheese specialty Pecorino and olive oil are among the most popular travel souvenirs.
Even though pasta dishes of all kinds are among the culinary celebrities of the region, meat dishes also come first, namely the bistecca alle fiorentina - a juicy beef steak that is best prepared from the meat of a Chianina beef.
Likewise, the Tuscan desserts are not to be despised. Biscotti di Prato, almond slices, or the tempting cantuccini are definitely part of a homemade crema pasticceria.

Sun-drenched coasts and an enchanting landscape combined with great culture and art scene determine a holiday on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.