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Province Siena
Province Siena

Centrally located in Tuscany, the province of Siena has a unique landscape. The province lies south of the city Florence, east of Pisa, in the north of Grossetto and west of Arezzo and therefore in the middle of Tuscany. The province is divided into 35 municipalities, each of which has the same name City of Siena As the largest city in the province, it has a population of almost 55.

Landscape, adjacent areas and nature

What makes the province so special in all of Tuscany, indeed almost all of Italy, is its breathtaking nature. On the one hand, the area is characterized by the hilly landscape, but the kilometers of vineyards, lakes, coastlines and wide fields are also worth seeing.

Due to its diverse landscape, the province of Siena is a popular holiday destination for cyclists, for hikers or vacationers. There are many hiking trails or bike rides. The province is also a great place to simply relax under the Italian sun with a high-quality glass of wine from the region and a Tuscan specialty. It becomes apparent that the province offers great diversity. There are many options for activities on vacation or landscapes worth seeing.

Provincial wine

The province is also popular with wine lovers, as there are great small and larger wineries in the province that offer a variety of wines that is unique in all of Italy. Not only normal table wines are grown in the area, but also wines such as Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino. The latter was even named the best wine in the world last year. To burn off the calories from the province's excellent wine, there is one Tour of the “Chianti”

The small hills between Florence and Siena are called “chianti”. Not only is wine grown on these, but they also serve as olive plantations.
In addition to the “chianti”, which represent a special feature of the landscape, there are other places worth seeing. Example: Mount Amiata (a mountain almost 1800 meters high, which is of volcanic origin), that Val al d'Elsa, the Montagnola Senese (slightly undulating landscape reminiscent of the “Chianti wine region"), Val di Merse (area located between the Farma and Merse rivers) or the Crete Senesi (the "clay minerals of Siena" represent a landscape characterized by erosion).

Arts and Culture

A great wealth of the province lies in its artistic and cultural heritage. This is not only in the capital Siena, but also in the small communities around it, such as Montepulciano, Pienza or Abbadia San Salvatore. The city of Siena itself is known across the globe for its town hall square. This has a special shell shape. But it's not just the shape that's unique; the horse races that take place twice a year on this pompous square are also unique to no other Italian city.

The city

The fact that Siena is a city rich in culture is demonstrated by the fact that the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. But it's not just the provincial capital itself that has a lot to offer, the areas around the city and the smaller villages in the area also hide true scenic and cultural treasures. The typical Tuscan flair can be felt everywhere here.

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