Art, culture, enjoyment and a piece of authentic Italy are in Arezzo equally to be found. The popular city with around 99.000 inhabitants has a lot to offer. The enthusiasm of tourists has always been unbroken. Immerse yourself deeper in this tranquil piece of earth.

The Provincial capital in eastern TuscanyDolche Vita is ideal for an adventurous short trip as well as for a relaxed annual vacation a lot of daggers vita!

Practical overview of facts:

  • Region: Tuscany
  • Area: 386 km²
  • Population density: 257 inh. / Km²
  • Local holiday: August 07th (feast of the city patron San Donato)
  • Aretini
  • economic importance: tourism, jewelry industry, goldsmith art

The medieval gem in Tuscany

The important dynasty of the Medici has in Arezzo clearly left the architectural mark. The numerous palaces, churches, patrician houses and the imposing square "Piazza Grande" are a feast for the eyes. The architecture of the 13th and 14th centuries can be admired and experienced up close throughout the city. Walking through the narrow streets you will feel as if you have been transported back in time. Enjoy this ensemble and take your time for the beauty of the town.

Arezzo is ideal for photo enthusiasts as well as for visitors who would like to delve deeper into history. In this regard, January 03rd of each year is a date that you should definitely make a note of. On this date, the Giostra del Saracino knight game, which has historical significance, is offered to visitors on the Piazza Grande. This festival will be shown again on the first Sunday of September.

The absolute hotspots of the city

  • 1. Piazza Grande
  • 2. Corso Italia
  • 3. Fortezza Medicea
  • 4. Church of San Francesco
  • 5. Arezzo Cathedral
  • 6. House of Vasari
  • 7. Casa di Petrarch

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Explore Arezzo on your own?

As already mentioned, there is something to see, discover and marvel at everywhere here. So you are welcome to go on a well-designed tour yourself and experience the city with all its facets. In contrast, you can relax here wonderfully and just let yourself drift away. Take a seat in the next cafe and just let your mind wander.

The "Dolce far niente" will definitely do you good. The Mediterranean climate is like balm for stressful work days. Finally switch off and just enjoy! If, on the other hand, you are rather impatient, want to experience something and still do not want to prepare, there is the perfect solution for the discerning tourist: a guided tour according to your personal taste. The offer ranges from the obligatory city tour to cooking and truffle tours to a visit to a winery in the immediate and picturesque area. The tailor-made tours can be undertaken on foot, by bike or by bus.

Block across the piazza grande
Block across the piazza grande

Tasty cuisine, culinary delicacies and good addresses

What would a trip be without the small and large delicacies? The Tuscan cuisine is generally considered highly recommended. Local specialties are just as popular here as modern reinterpretations. Enjoy a rich ribollita soup with beans and indulge in culinary heaven with porchetta (stuffed pig with herbs and garlic). But polenta, tripe and lamb cheeks shouldn't be missed either.

The legendary Bistecca alla fiorentina is a true highlight. In Val di Chiana (only a few kilometers away) there is probably the best tasting grilled T-bone steak, which is the undisputed number one in classic, hearty Tuscan cuisine.

If you like it a little easier, but no less tasty, you can visit a small tavern and indulge yourself with salami, cheese specialties and various pasta variations. Of course, some restaurants also offer calorie-conscious and international menus. The gastronomy landscape is so extensive that no visitor will return home on an empty stomach.

The city of goldsmiths

It should not go unmentioned that Arezzo is the wealthiest city in Tuscany. The city has been closely associated with goldsmithing since the Etruscan era. Modern industry began in the 1920s when Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori founded their goldsmiths' workshop. Since then, the jewelry industry has been an important part of the region's economy. Annually around 230 tons of gold are processed in Arezzo.
The city is also known for its beautiful handicrafts such as tableware and vases, as well as for the antique trade. The "Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo" is one of the most important antique markets in all of Italy.

Arezzo as the capital of the wine region

The Wine Route, the important wine route will definitely meet with your goodwill. No matter whether fresh Chianti (Chianti Colli Arentini DOCG) or tasty Vinsanto del Chianti Colli Arentini DOC - the Wineries in the region produce real top quality that enjoys an international reputation. Anyone interested in this can go on the Terre di Arezzo route. Numerous wineries can be visited over a distance of around 200 kilometers and, of course, there is also the possibility of tasting on site. But this area is also a real gem in terms of landscape and may be a welcome change from the shimmering city center of Arezzo period.

Arezzo and the antiques

Everyone plans a trip differently and of course their interests are different. There is one sight that should definitely not be missed: the now legendary antique market on the Piazza Grande. You have the opportunity to do this on the first weekend of the month. Because not only the manufacture of jewelry but also the trade in beautiful and valuable old things is firmly anchored here. In addition, you can discover some rarities in numerous small shops in the winding streets of the center.

Town twinning of Arezzo:

  • since 1977: Montenars
  • since: 1981: Saint Priest
  • since 1981: Eger
  • since 1994: Bedford
  • since 1998: Viseu
  • since 2009: Norman
  • since 2009: Auschwitz

Movie from Arezzo: La vita è bella!

Not just life and Arezzo are beautiful, here you can discover authentic locations from the film of the same name. Cinema buffs will also go into raptures and of course know that this is the talk of the movie success of the same name (awarded three Oscars) from 1999. Roberto Benigni's classic was largely played here, so you can follow in its footsteps.

Another highlight The fourth largest city in Tuscany is therefore rightly called a jewel. If you are still looking for a real sweet at the end, you can take the chance and visit the bridge depicted in da Vinci's Mona Lisa on the "Strada Provinciale Setteponti". Another authentic site of particular importance, located just off Ponte Buriano. Arezzo is always worth a trip!

Last updated: 29.02.2024

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