Forte dei Marmi


As a small but exquisite seaside resort, Forte dei Marmi has around 8.000 inhabitants. It is located on the Mediterranean coast in northwestern Tuscany and belongs to the Province of Lucca. Forte dei Marmi is particularly popular in summer, when the place can shine with its exclusivity. For several centuries, celebrities, personalities from art and culture as well as the European nobility have been meeting here.

For such a small town, Forte dei Marmi has a considerable number of club facilities and hotels. The quality of the holiday destination is characterized by several four to five star ratings. The standards in the shops and restaurants look accordingly.

As a former port, Forte dei Marmi is perfect for seafarers who want to reminisce. The interior of the place is decorated with a few sculptures and fountains. An outstanding experience is a walk on the pleasantly lit pier in the evening hours, when the waves rustle gently and the sun throws the last rays on the shining sea.

The old landing stage of Forte dei Marmi
The old landing stage of Forte dei Marmi

Information about the place and description of the location

Forte dei Marmi is a destination not to be missed if you are an enthusiast of designer fashion and the sea. Because these two elements perfectly characterize the small town in Tuscany. In the whole of Versilia, the place is probably the most chic and elegant. Every year it attracts countless tourists thanks to the breathtaking beach, the mighty villas near the mountains and the magnificent Apuan Alps.

The story of Forte dei Marmis

The small town already existed at the time of the Roman Empire. It has developed significantly since the 16th century through the opening of quarries in the mountains near the city. In addition, it grew thanks to drainage work that took the entire 17th century to complete. After the completion of the construction of the fort in 1788, the place became a popular holiday destination for tourists.

To this day, Forte dei Marmis has continued to develop until it has grown into one of the most popular holiday resorts in the world. It is known not only for its beautiful landscape, but also for its numerous unique sights. In addition to the outstanding beaches, the holiday resort is also known internationally for its festivals and markets.

The hinterland is also worth seeing as it is home to many old traditions and corners. These can be discovered in the beautiful forests of the Apuan Alps. The hinterland, which can shine with some traditions, is also worthwhile.

Sunset at Forte dei Marmi
Sunset at Forte dei Marmi

points of interest & sights

The Versiliana Park

The Versiliana Park, also known as the Parco della Versiliana, stretches from Marina di Pietresanta to the Forte dei Marmis border. The huge park shines with a wonderful nature and a huge forest. It also combines long avenues with beautiful flowering meadows.

In the center of the park is the infamous villa of the Italian poet D'Annunzio. This elegant villa is surrounded by numerous worthwhile cultural performances such as ballet, concerts or theater. The park also offers the Caffè della Versiliana. It is one of the most popular spots in the park for high-profile political and cultural leaders. Even the children are taken care of, because there are enough offers everywhere. This includes, for example, reading fairy tales and creative activities such as daily children's theater.

The Lago the Massaciocculi

About 20 kilometers from the small town you will find the incomparably beautiful lake Lago dei Massaciocculi. An untouched nature surrounds the lake, part of which belongs to the Natural Park of Migliarino S.Rossore Massaciuccoli. This protected area offers shelter to numerous birds. Even the flora can be described as unique. It is decorated with tamarisk, alder, eucalyptus, water lilies and much more. A visit to the old Roman thermal baths is also recommended for holidaymakers interested in history. Here you can admire a relatively well-preserved mosaic.

Roman thermal baths on Lake Massaciucoli
Roman thermal baths on Lake Massaciucoli

The Pinocchio Park

Everyone knows the fairytale character Pinocchiowhose nose grows while lying. About 56 kilometers to the east, she was bequeathed a memorial with the Pinocchio Park. The park, which opened in 1956, is not just an amusement park, but has very clear artistic features. Countless works of art such as mosaics, buildings and sculptures embellish the park many times over. The highlight of the park is an interesting path, on which the adventures of the fairy tale character can be experienced handsomely. Whether old or young, the park is definitely worth a visit!

The Luna Park

About 14 kilometers north of Forte dei Marmis is the Luna Park amusement park. Anyone traveling with children must definitely pay a visit to the park. Because here numerous attractions such as bumper cars, roller coasters, carousels and shooting galleries are offered.


Everyone knows the famous one Leaning Tower of Pisa. About 35 kilometers south of the town you can see the unique city of Pisa, which is one of the most popular highlights in all of Italy. The main reason to visit the city is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which, together with its cemetery, cathedral and baptistery, has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The construction of the tower began in 1173. It would later serve as the city's bell tower. But after a short time it was realized that the tower was leaning because the ground was too soft. So it sagged on one side. Instead of giving up, the builder decided to continue and built the other floors at an angle so that the slope would be compensated for.

Beach information

Forte dei Marmi
Forte dei Marmi

The beach of the popular vacation spot is about five kilometers long. It lies between Fiumetto and Cinquale, which are both well-known estuaries. The wide beach is ideal for family vacations due to the large amount of space available. The beach is also safe for the smaller children, because the water is particularly shallow. To swim properly, you have to go several meters into the water. However, there is no public beach for all vacationers.

Most hotels have rented sections of the beach where they provide umbrellas and loungers for their guests for a price of 10 to 20 euros per day. So the beaches are beautiful, but not a very inexpensive pleasure. Those who want to get active in sports will find plenty of options on the small town's beach. From snorkeling, diving and swimming to sailing or surfing, everything is there. Even sailing schools have set up on site to support beginners. Overall, Forte dei Marmi is an absolutely worthwhile holiday destination, but it is in the higher price range. The many unique sights are particularly convincing.

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