Montecatini Terme, place of the seven thermal baths


Description of the location of the place

Montecatini Terme is a small town with around 22.000 inhabitants and in the Pistoia Province located. Pistoia is an area in Tuscany, Italy, and is the largest province in Tuscany with approximately 200.000 inhabitants. Geographically, Montecatini Terme is located halfway between Florence and Viareggio in a picturesque landscape of green, wooded and grain-rich small hills, centrally in the Valdinievole.

The city offers, besides some recreational thermal baths also many buildings of the "Art-Nouveau architecture". Montecatini Alto, a small mountain village, belongs to the municipality and can be reached with the oldest cable car in Italy that is still in operation.

Interesting facts about the history of the small town

The Montecatini Castello, today's Montecatini Alto, was mentioned as early as the Middle Ages. Similar to a nearby spa, one was also planned to be built in Montecatini at the time thanks to the area's salty water. This is proven by a document that dates back to 1340. Around the time of the Middle Ages, the city's residents found themselves in dire straits and had to fight many epidemics, diseases and wars. The cities Florence, Pisa and Lucca also fought to conquer Montecatini Terme, which resulted in the population being forced to move to the hills around Montecatini. The scene of these conflicts was the city center, so that life in the city center was no longer possible for the city's residents.

From the 14th century, the Valdinievole was under the rule of the city of Florence, and thus the famous Medici family. At that time, Montecatini consisted of a lot of swamps, so they wanted to build something to be able to cross them. Cosimo de 'Medici was the first to build a bridge dam so that it was then possible to cross the muddy water of Montecatini and the marshy surroundings.

In 1898 one of the city's landmarks and almost a landmark of all of Italy was inaugurated: the funicular to the Castello.

Railway in Montecatini Alto
Funicular to the Castello in Montecatini Alto

Thermal baths in Montecatini Terme

Thermal baths are not uncommon in the beautiful Italian town and so you can visit seven of them there. These invite you to soothing healing treatments, to wellness weekends or simply for a spontaneous relaxation holiday for body and mind.

Everyone will find what is right for them in the thermal baths: there are drinking treatments, Ayurveda, massages or mud treatments. The possibilities of recovery in Montecatini Terme are big. The place is ideal to unwind, just do nothing and switch off from everyday madness.

Two of the most famous thermal baths are Leopoldine and Stabilimento Tettuccio. You are in the Parcours delle Terme. As the name of the park suggests, it is an extensive park that leads to the various thermal baths. The huge park extends over an area of ​​420.000 square kilometers.

The best-known terms include the previously mentioned terms Leopoldine and the Terme Stabilimento Tettuccio.

When are the thermal baths in Montecatini open?

The opening period of the term is between May and October and the facilities have, in addition to their functional effect, namely health promotion, also an aesthetic one.

The buildings were built in a wonderful architectural style and therefore fit very well into the image of Tuscany. Magnificent pillars and ancient walls are only part of the architectural feast for the eyes. Most of the people who stay here are in the thermal area for health reasons or to relax. Metabolic diseases, gastrointestinal complaints or respiratory diseases, as well as restricted mobility are only some of the ailments that can be alleviated by the treatments in the Terme.

Worth seeing, special and excursion possibilities

The special features, namely the many possibilities for using the thermal baths, have already been mentioned, but Montecatini Terme also offers a few possibilities for excursions. These can be found apart from wellness and body treatments.

Mountain village of Montecatini Alto

A great destination is definitely the mountain village of Montecatini Alto, which can either be reached by cable car or you can combine the excursion to the village with a hike that stretches from Montecatini Terme town up to the Alto. Above you have a wonderful view over the Tuscan landscape and you can marvel at a small castle and a magnificent dome in the mountain village. If you are looking for something more relaxed and a cappuccino in the Italian midday sun, then you can best enjoy it in the center on Piazza Giuseppe Giusti.

Stalactite cave "Grotta Maona

Just outside the health resort is another destination that is popular with both tourists and locals. This refers to the stalactite cave called "Grotta Maona", which is open to visitors from April to mid-October. You can also walk here from Montecatini town or you can reach the cave by public transport. The grotto is only about two kilometers from the center of Montecatini Terme. The stalactite cave, which is 200 meters long, consists of the well-known stones stalagmites and stalactites. There are also two subterranean lakes to be admired in the cave, which is a special feature. A path leads back to the surface from the second lake, so you don't have to go back to the entrance. This is a special feature in all caves in Italy. The cave is particularly popular in the summer months, as the temperature is stable at 15 degrees Celsius.

Weekly market and events in the area

The weekly Markt, which attracts both tourists and residents with local and regional products, takes place every Thursday between Via Garibaldi and Via Martini in the center of the village.

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