Poppi in eastern Tuscany


The place Poppi is in the east of Tuscany in Casentino on a hill at an altitude of 437 meters. Nestled in a typical Tuscan landscape with olive groves, vineyards and citrus trees. The Guidi Castle with the tower can be seen from afar. The place is about 50 kilometers east of Florence and can be easily reached by car. From here you can easily explore the Tuscan landscape.

Poppi, a small dreamy place in Tuscany

Poppi belongs to Arezzo Province and has about 6000 inhabitants. The provincial capital Arezzo is about 40 kilometers away.

The name Poppi means hill or hill. The first mention of it comes from the 12th century. The noble Guidi family played a central role in the 13th and 14th centuries. The castle of the Counts of Guidi towers over the city. The place is divided into a historic upper town and a modern lower town and lies on the Arno.

In the center is the church of San Fedele. There are six Renaissance altars in the church. The place has a typical Mediterranean flair. Culture lovers and those looking for relaxation get their money's worth here. A number of medieval buildings and palazzi are in the upper town. The small alleys and arcades invite you to explore the place.

Away from the hustle and bustle, there are numerous cafés for an espresso or cappuccino. There is also a wide selection of restaurants. Small restaurants that are popular with tourists and locals are hidden in the arcades. Here you can get regional specialties such as fagioli (white beans) and crostini (small slices of white bread). There are several hotels and private accommodations in the village. There are a number of holiday homes and apartments in the vicinity.

Tuesday is market day. He finds it Markt Ponte a Poppi instead.

Where is Poppi?

Sights - an imposing castle and numerous churches

There are a number of cultural attractions in the place. A number of old historical churches and monasteries stand here.

Conti Guidi Castle

The most important building in Poppi is the castle of the Conti Guidi, the Castello dei Conti Guidi. It is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in Tuscany. At the entrance there is a lion from 1447. On the first floor of the castle there is a library with manuscripts from the 10th century and on the second floor there is a chapel with a cycle of frescoes from the 14th century. Dante was also visiting the fort. A monument in his honor in front of the castle reminds of this. The main street and the main square of Poggios are located directly below the fort.

The churches in Poppi

In the center is the church of Chiesa del Santi Marco e Lorenzo. It was built in 1284 and restored in the 18th century. The church contains the works Pentecoste, Resurrezione di Lazzaro by Iacopo Ligozzi and Deposizione by Francesco Morandini.

The church Chiesa di San Fedele is also in the center of the village. It was built in 1185. The Vallombrosan church was restored in the 20th century.

The church Chiesa della Madonna del Morbo is located in the center on Piazza Amerighi. It was built in 1657. Inside is the Madonna con il Bambino e San Giovannino by Fra 'Filippino.

The church of Santa Maria Assunta e San Bartolomeo dates back to 1008. It belongs to the Badia Prataglia abbey.

Just outside is the Eremo di Camaldoli. This is a hermitage of the Camaldolese order, an offshoot of the Benedectines. The hermitage was built in 1023 and is located at an altitude of 1100 meters. The chapel Cappella di Sant'Antonio and the church of San Salvatore are located on the site.

The Camaldolese monastery, Monastero di Camaldoli, is three kilometers from the hermitage. In the baroque monastery church of Santi Donato e Ilariano there are works by Giorgio Vasari.

In the lower part of Poppi is Monastero delle Camaldolesi e Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata. Another Camaldolese monastery. It was built in 1565. It contains several works by Francesco Morandini and Benedetto Buglioni.

The church of Santa Maria in Buiano is 2,5 kilometers away. It was built in the 11th century.

The church of San Matteo in Memmenano contains works by Andrea Della Robbia.

Leisure activities in the area

The place Poppi offers some leisure activities.

Casentino valley

Nature can be explored in many different ways. The Casentino Valley, bordered on both sides by the Appenine hills, is an excellent hiking area. A beautiful hike is through the pine and chestnut forests to Bibbiena. The area is equally popular with cyclists and riders.
The sea can be reached after an hour's drive by car. Numerous seaside resorts on the Adriatic invite you to swim. A detour to San Marino also takes an hour.

Festivals in place

At the end of June, a solemn and colorful procession takes place in Poppi. The painting of the Virgin Mary is carried from the Chiesa della Madonna del Morbo to the Chiesa del Santi Marco e Lorenzo. Numerous onlookers line the streets to experience the spectacle.
Guidi Castle is the venue for some concerts in summer.
In summer there is a wine festival in the village. The festival takes place on a weekend in August. The region's winegrowers invite you to try them. Tastings take place in the ancient wine cellars. The wines of the region are presented. From the Chianti from Casentinian wines to organic wines.

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