Tuscany is particularly popular because of its small provinces. In the middle of the Province of Lucca lies the beautiful city of Viareggio.

The city, which is best known for marble processing, shipbuilding and pottery, is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea and has almost 62.000 inhabitants. The beautiful wide sandy beaches, the sea promenade which is lined with villas and palm trees and the carnival, which is not only typical for Viareggio, have made the city an extremely attractive seaside resort.

History of Viareggio

The city, which was once a medieval fishing village, only gained reputation later because of its shipbuilding. As early as the 19th century, Viareggio attracted visitors with its beach baths and the colorful nocturnal hustle and bustle. The first hotels and the port were built during this period. Incidentally, this is one of the most popular in the entire Mediterranean today.

Around 1900, the young city was increasingly visited by artists and art lovers. A few years later, a beach promenade was also built, but it burned down in one night in 1917. However, the "Passeggiata" was rebuilt again a few years later. During this time, villas and palaces were also built along the long promenade. The most famous is the "Grande Caffe Margherita".


Where is Viareggio?

As already mentioned above, Viareggio is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea and is the most important and second largest city in the northern Tuscan Riviera region of Versilia. The city is located in the province of Lucca with the capital of the same name. This in turn is not far from the world-famous city of Pisa and its “leaning tower of pisa" removed. It takes about half an hour to drive to Pisa.

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The beach in and around Viareggio

Viareggio sandy beach
Viareggio sandy beach

The 6 km long beaches, with the Apennine mountains behind them, are spacious and full of fine sand. In fact, these are considered to be the most beautiful in northern Tuscany. The beaches are up to 200m wide, including the water quality is very good.

If you want to visit the local beaches, you have to pay a small fee. However, the beaches have umbrellas, showers, deck chairs and changing rooms. Cafes and other sports facilities, which are located on most of the beaches, also offer considerable convenience.

Dream beaches in Tuscany
Dream beaches in Viareggio

Where can I go for free in Baden Viareggio?

Those who prefer bathing in the water outside of a lido should find what they are looking for in the southern port area. There are kilometers of free sandy beaches along the Pineta di Levante. The beaches have become one of the most attractive in Tuscany and Italy, primarily because of their spaciousness and diversity.

On Thursdays there is a market in Viareggio

Every Thursday takes place Market instead of. In Piazza Cavour, men or women will find everything they need between 8 a.m. and 13 p.m.

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The sights in Viareggio

The beautiful city by the sea really offers so much, there is something for everyone! The offers range from the famous Carnival to the Passeggiata, as mentioned above, to beautiful green spaces and wonderful beaches. The most famous sights in and around Viareggio are clearly the shopping mall, the sandy beach Bagno Maurizio or the Bagno Irene. Neither relaxation nor culture is neglected here.

Viareggio Carnival

The city offers a countless selection of markets and festivals like almost no other. First and foremost, of course, the famous carnival, the Carnevale di Viareggio, which has already been mentioned so often. He is one of the most important and famous in the world. After the Venice Carnival, it is even the most popular and well-known. Every year it attracts thousands of national as well as many international visitors. The spectacular carnival floats with the huge cardboard caricatures usually mock well-known personalities. Mostly, however, they are politicians from left to right. The city's carnival is always a bit of an expression of how Italians think of others. Incidentally, the carnival opens every year with three cannon blows over the sea.

Sea Sound Music Festival

In early August, tourists can experience the traditional Sea Sound Music Festival. The event is closely related to the famous carnival. One could see this festival as a kind of continuation.

Viareggio harbor
Viareggio harbor

Another highlight in mid-October: a Truck Food Festival. There is a lot on offer here, not just for gourmets, but also for music lovers. Sports competitions in football, rugby or volleyball can be followed in early September. Every sports fanatic is at the right place at the Versilia Sport Summer Festival. A must-see festival is the Pucciniano Festival. At the end of August, friends of classical music can follow operas and operettas by the world-famous musician here. These are played by talented and famous musicians.

Restaurants and accommodation

When celebrations are celebrated, then, of course, overnight accommodations are a must. But vacationers keep asking themselves the same question: which hotel should I choose? Most of the time it shouldn't be too expensive and breakfast should definitely be included. Here you will find great hotels in Viareggio, from inexpensive to expensive. And if you want to be completely self-sufficient, you can rent one of the many holiday apartments. The city also offers plenty of restaurants. Whether on the beach, in the city or on the Passeggiata - there is something for every taste.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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