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Livorno is known worldwide for its fish and pasta specialties. In the restaurants in Livorno you can try, for example, cacciusio, the strong fish soup or cod.

Livorno is one of the most popular travel destinations in Tuscany. Given the very specific food culture of the region, you should definitely check out some of the restaurants in Livorno attempt. Many of them offer first class food. Livorno can be representative of Italian cuisine in the Tuscany stands out and is always worth a trip. Specialties such as cacciuccio and cod are known far beyond the area.

Restaurants in Livorno: wine and food culture

The famous Ristorante Cantina Senese in Livorno is particularly outstanding in terms of style and culinary art. The restaurant is furnished in a very rustic style and looks back on a long tradition. Especially the pasta delicacies are a trump card in this restaurant. Pasta is available in a wide variety of variations. You can also enjoy a glass of the excellent Tuscan wine. The region is famous for its excellent viticulture - the wines are exported worldwide or end up in regional inns. In addition to pasta and wine, the restaurant is also on everyone's lips for its desserts such as castagnaccio, a chestnut cake.

More restaurants in Livorno

Furthermore, the restaurants Ristorante Le Volte and Ristorante La Barcarola are good addresses for local specialties. A delicacy of the port city, for example, is the stockfish, which is seared here with the spices of Tuscany and often served in combination with pasta. Cacciuccio, a hearty fish soup, is also very popular in the region. Both dishes can be ordered almost everywhere in the restaurants in Livorno. The chefs are often local and know how to prepare these dishes. If you want to get to know Livorno from its culinary side, you will certainly find a suitable setting in the city's restaurants to get closer to the Livorno delicacies.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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