Giglio Island


Giglio (Isola del Giglio) - pure relaxation

The small Tuscan pearl in the middle of the Mediterranean captivates with its small bays, beautiful beaches and largely untouched nature.

Giglio and Giannutri are the well-known names of the two inhabited islands in the municipality of Isola del Giglio. They belong to Tuscany and are located in the Mediterranean, only about 50 kilometers southeast of Elba and 18 kilometers west of mainland Italy.

While only 10 people live on Giannutri, the majority of the island's population, estimated at 1500 people, romps in 3 villages on Giglio.

Giglio is quiet. The turquoise, very clear sea offers its visitors, also thanks to its fish diversity, exciting dives in an intact water world. Divers often encounter sunfish, schools of tuna and octopus and moray eels can also be found here. Seahorses can also be seen here a little less often. The inviting one also promises on land Nature walks and bike rides to make beautiful and unforgettable holiday experiences. Depending on the location, restaurants on Giglio offer typical Tuscan fish specialties and seafood. In short, Giglio invites its visitors to unwind in Tuscan style.

Good connections and still far from the hustle and bustle

The journey to Giglio is very easy and uncomplicated thanks to the regular ferries from two different shipping companies. Visitors to the island can use the ferries with or without their car every day between 07 a.m. and 19 p.m. The ferries cover the distance between Porto Santo Stefano and Giglio in just one hour. Porto Santo Stefano can also be reached by trains and some bus companies already include the crossing.

Comfortable and typical accommodation

There are many different accommodation options on Giglio. The island has a beautiful, spacious campsite for real nature lovers and outdoor fans. The 12 hotels on the island offer slightly more comfortable accommodation. There is certainly something here for all tastes and budgets. If you would like to spend your holiday in a comfortable, individual and typical way, you can also rent a holiday apartment on Giglio. Holiday apartments on Giglio are often rented privately and therefore offer an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the local population.

Last updated: 11.03.2021

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