Switzerland: possible routes


Travel route through Switzerland via Zurich / Bellinzona:

Tuscany is located on the west coast of Italy. It is therefore advisable to arrive from the west. The cities of BELLINZONA in Switzerland and PIACENZA in Italy are rough landmarks. Remember that using the motorways in Switzerland is subject to tolls.

The first variant is therefore the route via Zurich / Bellinzona if you are coming from Germany A5 via Freiburg / Basel or the A81 across the border crossing Schaffhausen to take. From Freiburg you take the at Basel A3 Direction Zurich. This route via ZURICH is usually the faster alternative. It should be noted, however, that at the corresponding times of the day around Zurich, a significant volume of rush hour traffic can be expected. During the holiday season, there is also holiday traffic:

switzerland tuscany route1Data from OpenStreetMap - Posted under ODbL

An alternative is the route over Bregenz on Lake Constance and Chur. This variant includes more country roads, but is much nicer than the route via Zurich / Bellinzona. If you want to drive relaxed and have a little more time, this route is definitely recommended! Coming from Germany you come across this route from the Autobahn A7 from Bregenz.

switzerland tuscany route2Data from OpenStreetMap - Posted under ODbL

You will receive important further information for the journey through Switzerland here (Click).

Last updated: 31.01.2024

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