Arrival in Tuscany: How to get there easily


Tuscany is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The travel region between Rome and Milan impresses with its unique cultural treasures and dreamlike landscapes, lots of sunshine and beautiful cities and villages. Wonderful weeks of vacation can be spent between cities, vineyards and beaches. But what is the best way to get to Tuscany? There are a lot of opportunities to travel within Europe. We provide an overview of the most common alternatives so that you can make the best decision yourself.

By train to Florence

The station Florence is easily accessible from many major Italian cities as well as international train lines. If you book a few weeks in advance, you can get hold of train tickets that are particularly cheap. A popular way to travel is to from Munich to Florence by night train to travel. In this way, you can practically reach your destination in your sleep and have more effective time to enjoy your vacation. You can also get anywhere by train within the region. This is how the route from Florence to takes Pisa less than an hour. It only takes about two hours to get to Rome, the “Eternal City”. The advantage of traveling by train is that you don't have to drive yourself, which can be quite exhausting with such a long distance. Instead, sit back, read a book or take a nap - and arrive at your destination well rested.

Arrival with your own car

In Tuscany you need a time of 6-9 hours by car from Germany, depending on traffic, breaks as well as start and destination. The distance from MUNICH to FLORENCE is, for example, 650 kilometers. You also have to keep in mind that the price is still the Additional tollsdue in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. If you do not yet have an Austrian or Swiss vignette, the costs for the outward and return journey including the tolls in Italy can add up to a good 100 euros.

It is essential to take into account the expected volume of traffic before driving. Since Saturdays are mostly the “travel days”, especially during vacation time, you should leave early enough. It is advisable to have crossed the German border early in the morning on busy days. In the greater Zurich and Milan areas, but possibly also around Modena and Bologna, there can be significant rush hour traffic at certain times. If you arrive at your apartment too early, that's no problem. The time until the handover can be bridged with a pizza and you don't arrive rushed.

One advantage is that you have the option of dividing up the route as you like and, if necessary, making intermediate stops. Munich, Vienna, Venice and Milan, for example, are easily accessible on the go and are definitely worth a trip.

More specific information and tips on how to get there can be found under “Getting there” in the sections on Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Here you will also find information on the road traffic regulations and the respective tolls.

tuscany arrival munich florence
Arrival from Munich to Florence
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Direct flights from Germany

If the journey by car or train takes too long, Tuscany can also be reached from Germany with many direct flights. The region itself has two international airports. On the one hand this is the Galileo Galilei airport in Pisa, on the other hand the Amerigo Vespucci airport in Florence.

Outside of Tuscany, but only an hour's drive from Florence, there is another international airport in Bologna. However, the runway of the airport in Florence is quite short, which is why flights cannot land in bad weather conditions. Instead, they will be rerouted, canceled or delayed. In terms of planning, it may therefore make sense to plan your journey to Bologna or Pisa. These cities are also served by various low-cost airlines such as Easyjet or Ryanair. Please note, however, that the output of CO2 emissions while flying is particularly high.

In comparison with other travel options, flying is therefore the most harmful alternative to the climate. Anyone who still wants to or has to fly can, for example, create compensation through compensation contributions. There are various organizations that work out how much CO2 is emitted on a certain flight route. With the compensation contributions, various climate protection projects are finally funded, which, for example, use them to plant trees or wet dry bogs.

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With the long-distance bus

Traveling by long-distance bus has a reputation for being used more by students and younger people. Presumably that's because it's by far the cheapest way to travel. A bus trip from Berlin to Florence, if booked early enough, usually costs just under 50 euros. However, the journey also takes around 16 hours. In contrast to the train, there are no sleeping cars in which you can make yourself comfortable. Many people tend to get travel sickness - especially when traveling through the Alps. Still, it's a pretty practical way to travel. Especially people who travel alone do not have the problem of having to leave their suitcases unattended when, for example, they go to the toilet. The suitcases are securely stowed inside the bus so you don't have to worry about them while driving. In addition, many buses nowadays offer an extensive television program and the opportunity to get cold snacks and drinks. The air conditioning on board ensures a comfortable temperature. Bus travel is definitely more comfortable than its reputation suggests.

Car rental in Tuscany

Cars can be rented at all airports and major cities. You need a credit card, a driver's license that is at least two years old and you must be over 23 years old. Renting a car is particularly useful for short vacationers who have come by plane. An airport that is often approached from Germany is Pisa, for example. The website offers you information about parking options for your vehicle, if you want to park your car at a German airport during your vacation in Tuscany.

If you want to rent a car, the website offers a price comparison for providers of rental cars in Italy. HAPPYCAR currently has over 250 partners and, in addition to practical search options, also offers you high-performance customer service. The site is operated in different languages, including German, of course.

Car workshops in Italy / Tuscany

In Italy there are different types of workshops to turn to:

  • OFFICINA: if you have problems with the engine
  • ELETTRAUTO: for battery and headlights
  • CARROZZERIA: for damage to the body
  • GOMMISTA: for the tires

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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