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Please note in Austria:

A vignette is required to use the motorways in Austria! This can last for 10 daysAustria vignette 2017 (€ 9,40), 2 months (€ 27,40) or 1 full year (€ 91,100) (as of February 2020, prices of the ASFINAG - Prices of German providers may differ). The amount applies to all cars up to 3,5 tons. A trailer or a caravan (in a team) does not cost anything extra. Vignettes can be purchased near the border crossings or at petrol stations in or in front of Austria. As in Switzerland, the annual vignette is also valid for 14 Months: From December 1st of the previous year to January 31st of the following year.
You can also buy the vignette online here: ADAC

More information about tolls in Austria: here on the internet

Brenner motorway: Please note that driving over the Brenner motorway ("Europabrücke") is an additional fee from currently 10,00 Euros (As of February 2020) costs! You can also Online the video toll order - up to 30 minutes before reaching the Brenner motorway. The fee remains the same. This means, in order to reach the Brenner motorway, you have to buy the vignette for the regular motorway (yes, that's the way it is ...). If you want to save this fee and have time, you can use the "old" Brennerlandstrasse, which runs parallel to the Brenner autobahn from Innsbruck. It's a nice tour in a convertible on a sunny and calm day.

achtung In any case, attach the vignette to the inside left of the windscreen or behind the rear-view mirror! A missing or manipulated vignette can result in a fine (“substitute toll payment”).  

Brief information on the Austrian Road Traffic Act (StVO):

  • In Austria, lights must be used on all roads in and out of town during the day!
  • The maximum speed on Austria's motorways is 130 km / h, on country roads 100 km / h. Speed ​​and vignette controls are often carried out in Austria.
  • In Austria you have to put on the reflective safety vest in the event of a breakdown or an accident. Every passenger who wants to get out of the car must wear this vest.
    It is best to place the vest under the seat so that you don't have to search long in the trunk.
  • For Austria, the following applies: Penal orders or fines with an amount of more than 25 euros will also be enforced in Germany.
  • Motorcyclists in Austria must have a first aid kit.

Last updated: 31.01.2024

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