Discover Tuscany by car


Those who travel Tuscany by car are flexible and have the opportunity to explore this cultural region according to their individual wishes. The Italian Tuscany is considered to be the region for diverse cultural attractions, historic cities, beautiful landscapes and enjoy your meal and excellent domestic wine stands.

Anyone who wants to explore this area independently is well advised to go with the to travel with your own car or to take a rental car for a few days on site. So you are flexible and can freely follow your own route preferences and interests and are not dependent on the local train or bus connections.

Explore Tuscany by car

Tuscany has so many different options for vacation that you should plan your tour well in advance. With your own car, you can easily stay overnight in hotels or inns in the country and enjoy the peace and quiet there.

The region's tourist magnets are cities like Florence, Siena and Pisa. However, if you want to pursue individual interests far away from the popular travel destinations, you can also visit smaller but equally worth seeing places such as Pienza, Montepulciano or San Gimigniano.

Tuscany is special for her too culinary delights famous. You can try specialties such as Pecorino cheese on a car tour of the place where they are made and taking part in wine tastings with the winemakers is also a good idea, for example in the famous one Chianti area.

Tuscany landscape
Tuscany landscape

The journey to Tuscany

If you come from Germany with your own car, there are two options: either to drive through Switzerland and the St. Gotthard tunnel or to choose the route via Austria and the Brenner Pass. The journey over the Brenner in particular leads through beautiful alpine landscapes in advance. Please note that in Switzerland and Austria you have to purchase a vignette in order to be allowed to use the motorways. In Italy there are toll stations on the motorway at regular intervals. However, the country roads are free and represent a very good alternative to the motorway, especially in Tuscany, as you can see much more of the surrounding landscape: vineyards, hills and olive groves shape the panorama.

Last updated: 07.02.2024

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