Flight Delay Compensation: Everything Tuscany Travelers Need to Know


Tuscany is popular for its wide range of art and culture and convinces with famous buildings and other sights. It is a popular holiday region. It is therefore not surprising that numerous tourists fly to Tuscany every year. But what to do if the flight is delayed? This article shows what travelers are entitled to in this case and what should be considered.

What rights do passengers have in the event of a flight delay?

Various causes are possible. Passengers often don't really know what the problem is. However, one thing is very clear: a flight delay can ruin your holiday and bring with it a lot of hardship. But one should always remember that there is also a Compensation for flight delays can give.

This is possible from a delay of three hours. This is regulated by the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation. It is also she who determines how high the compensation will be. Between 250 and 600 euros are possible.

Many that fly by plane want to miss their connecting flight due to a delay. If that is the case, travelers are entitled to further compensation.

Passengers are also entitled to drinks and snacks after a waiting time of two hours or more. After all, they have been waiting at the airport for a long time without anything happening.

What should passengers do in the event of a delay?

A flight delay is annoying - there's no question about that. But passengers have to take action themselves so that they actually get the compensation they are entitled to. It is best to have the reason for the delay confirmed in writing by the airline staff. This can be accompanied by a few contradictions, but a written confirmation is the be-all and end-all.

During the waiting period, you should always collect receipts for expenses. It doesn't matter whether you just bought water or a snack - you can possibly submit these receipts afterwards to get a replacement. You should also insist on utility services.

In addition, travelers should check for themselves what their claim for compensation is. In some cases it can take some nerve and patience. But the fight pays off as soon as the airline pays out the compensation.

When do travelers get compensation for flight delays?

Anyone who flies in Europe enjoys special protection from EU regulations. So don't worry if you fly to Tuscany - a high level of protection and extensive passenger rights are on the agenda.

Incidentally, these can be read in the Passenger Rights Ordinance 261/2004. In the event of a long flight delay, travelers are entitled to compensation. The flight must be delayed more than 3 hours for travelers to be able to claim compensation. The delay time is calculated based on the arrival time. The arrival time in this case is the moment when the airport has reached the destination airport and at least one of the aircraft doors opens for disembarkation.

How long are claims for compensation valid?

The EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation is the go-to place when it comes to flight delays. What does it say about the validity of compensation claims?

In fact, there is no deadline within which a passenger must report a flight delay to the airline for compensation. However, the Bremen district court decided that the limitation period should be based on the German Civil Code – BGB for short.

This means that passengers in Germany have 3 years to claim compensation for their delayed flight to Tuscany. The deadline is calculated until the end of the year. So who on August 30, 2023, for example flight delay experienced, it can be claimed until December 31, 2026.

However, in the event of a delay, the earlier you take care of it, the better. Not only does this mean you get your money back sooner, you also don't run the risk of forgetting to claim compensation. As the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. If the flight delay is far in the past, it may be that the application is postponed further and further. In addition, the receipts for meals and other costs incurred can be lost.


A trip to Tuscany is nice, but not always without problems. Delays can occur, especially when traveling by plane. But even if that is very annoying - travelers are entitled to certain compensations. You just have to take care of it in time and contact the right place. Then it works with the compensation too.

Last updated: 19.07.2023

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