Important travel information for traveling through Italy


1. Vehicle toll

  • Any use of the motorway (except the SS1 from LIVORNO towards ROME) costs a toll, which can be paid in cash, by credit card, the VIACARD, or with the “Telepass” system. Please pay attention to how you want to pay and where you line up at the toll booths in good time! The toll from BRENNER to LIVORNO currently costs around €32,00, from CHIASSO/COMO (coming from Switzerland) to LIVORNO it is €32,20 (as of February 2020). You can find more information about tolls here.
  • If you have placed yourself incorrectly at the toll station and are already standing in front of the barrier, or you do not know how the machine works, stay calm, press the bell and wait for help. Do not drive backwards! This is dangerous and strictly forbidden. They will be happy to help.

2. security

  • If possible, do not leave your vehicle alone at rest stops, or lock it when you leave it in each case and take valuables with you! In individual cases there are unfortunately also "black sheep" here...
  • Lights are compulsory on motorways in Italy!
  • In the event of a vehicle breakdown, especially for the sake of your own safety, use the prescribed warning vest for all vehicle occupants.
  • Speed ​​checks are also carried out in Italy. Remember the speed limits: on motorways 130 km / h, on country roads 90 km / h.
  • Most Italians somehow enjoy driving a car. You can tell that too. See this positively and don't be impressed by the "sporty" driving style of other road users. Yet surprisingly few accidents happen.

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Last updated: 31.01.2024

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