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Drive to Tuscany by car

Below you will find links that lead to topics relating to your journey to Tuscany by car.

For a relaxed drive to Tuscany, it is advisable to prepare a little. After all, the journey takes a few hours and there are at least two national borders to cross. In addition, other (traffic) rules apply in Austria, Switzerland or Italy, which German tourists are usually not familiar with if they are visiting Italy for the first time. As a little help, we have put together a small summary of the most important routes, traffic rules, vehicle tolls and other ideas and tips under the following links. Please regard the assistance for what it is: A non-binding assistance that should make your journey a little more pleasant. We cannot accept any liability for any misunderstandings or for the information being up to date.

How to get there: A summary with general information

First information about the general conditions of the trip: A rough overview of the route Munich-Florence (as an example), as well as rough distance and travel time ... read more

route map

Routes through Switzerland

Switzerland is particularly recommended as a transit country for those arriving from the western part of Germany. Find out more about the two most important routes through Switzerland here ... read more

Switzerland routes

Information for driving through Switzerland

Tolls and strict speed limits shouldn't necessarily be the first things you think of when driving through Switzerland. Enjoy the mountain panorama and stay relaxed ... read more

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Routes through Austria

You can reach the “fast” route over the Brenner Pass from Bavaria via the A8 autobahn as well as via Mittenwald and the “Fernpass”. You have the choice… read more

Switzerland routes

Information for driving through Austria

Toll fees, maximum speed, special regulations in Austria - you can find out all this and more here. Austria guarantees you a quick transit to Italy ... read more

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Routes through Italy

You are now approaching your holiday destination, Tuscany. Regardless of whether you are arriving from Switzerland or Austria, now you have to hold out a little longer. And always nice to the south ... read more

Switzerland routes

Information for driving through Italy

Italy can be quite confusing for the car-driving vacationer. But you will get used to it - besides, we will help you a little. Here are some important tips on tolls and security ... read more

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Road traffic regulations (StVO) in Italy

Since you will be staying in Italy for the longest part of your vacation, we have devoted a whole chapter to the subject of road traffic regulations and summarized the most important points for you ... read more

traffic regulations

Tolls in Austria, Switzerland and Italy

Both Switzerland, Austria and Italy operate a toll system that is difficult or impossible to avoid as a driver. We will help you to get an overview and to be able to estimate the toll costs a little better ... read more

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Last updated: 03.03.2020

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