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Highway tolls and tolls in Italy

Status: March 2021

Tolls in Switzerland

A vignette is mandatory on Swiss motorways. This is valid for 14 months (December of the previous year up to and including January of the following year). The official price in 2024 is 40 francs, which currently corresponds to around € 39. The providers listed below each charge around 44,00 euros.
Attention: The prices can still differ depending on the provider!

You can order the vignette anywhere online here:

NEW: E-vignette

The Swiss vignette has also been available in digital form for some time now. Over this link this can be purchased. The license plate number of the vehicle is then provided when purchasing.

You can also buy the vignette at petrol stations or directly at the border. Most of the time, on the Swiss side, you get change in Swiss francs! Petrol stations in front of the border often charge significantly higher prices!

Tolls in Austria

You need the "motorway sticker" in Austria on every expressway or motorway. As in Switzerland, the annual vignette is valid between December 1st of the previous year and January 31st of the following year. The vignette for Austria is not only available as an annual version but also for 2 months and as a 10-day vignette.

What does the vignette cost in Austria?

The vignette is available in the following variants (ADAC prices):

Badge price for cars and motor vehicles up to 3,5 t gross vehicle weight

1 year:93,80 €
2 months:28,20 €
10 days9,60 €
As of February 2022

Badge prices for motorcyclists in Austria

1 year:37,20 €
2 months:14,10 €
10 days5,60 €
As of February 2022

You can also buy the vignette in Germany at gas stations near the border, in Austria at rest stops, gas stations or in the post office.

You can also order the vignette online here:

The vignette for Switzerland and the sticker for Austria must be stuck to the inside of the windshield.

The toll for the burner is a fee of 10,50 Euros per trip. The fee for the burner must be paid independently of the vignette. You can also order the video toll online for the same amount up to 30 minutes before you reach the Brenner motorway. The Brenner toll replaced not the vignette you need to reach the Brenner motorway!

Tolls in Italy

The toll in Italy depends on the vehicle class and the distance traveled. There is no vignette for Italy, as in other countries, you always pay for the relevant section of the route. The following is a price list of motorway tolls in Italy for a normal car.

There are different lanes at the toll stations. You can then pay the toll by credit card, the Telepass toll box or a VIACARD.

The toll can change - for example, if you drive around a metropolitan area or take another detour. If you leave the motorway in Italy and plan a city tour of Milan, a city toll will be charged. For this reason the following information is only approximate.

What is the toll in Italy?

Burner - Livorno33,20 €
Burner - Florence34,30 €
Burner - Pisa38,30 €
Burner - Grosseto33,80 €
Brenner - Siena33,80 €
Chiasso (Como) - Livorno32,30 €
Chiasso (Como) - Florence€27,00
Chiasso (Como) - Pisa31,40 €
Chiasso (Como) - Grosseto38,20 €
Chiasso (Como) - Siena26,50 €
Tarvisio - Livorno37,70 €
Tarvisio - Florence38,70 €
Tarvisio - Pisa42,80 €
Tarvisio - Grosseto38,30 €
Tarvisio - Siena38,30 €
As of February 2022

For an exact calculation for every (motorway) route in Italy, there is a toll calculator Italy, you can find it here:

Places like Grosseto or Siena are not on a toll highway. Here you have to uncheck the box under “Opzioni” for “solo tratte autostradali” (motorway only). However, it is better to click on the nearest toll station on the map (red circle) and select the specified name as the destination.

The payment method:

You can of course pay at the toll stations in cash or by credit card. For the sake of completeness, further options are listed here:

  • The VIACARD allows you to drive through the toll booths on the appropriate lanes. The VIACARD works like a "prepaid" card and must be read in by the card machine at the toll station. The amount due will then be deducted from the balance on the card. The VIACARD can currently be purchased primarily at rest stops near the border.

    When purchasing a VIACARD with a credit of 50 euros, however, a surcharge of several euros is usually due. We therefore do not recommend buying a VIACARD, you can also use the Credit card pay.
  • The TELEPASS system greatly simplifies the vehicle toll procedure. With this transmitter in the form of a small box, the toll is automatically debited to you by radio.

    The advantage is that you no longer have to stop at each toll station, but can drive through on a corresponding lane. Many truck drivers over 3,5 tons use this system on Italian motorways.

    For vacationers there is the possibility of the transmitter at to rent. However, there are also fees of 5% of the vehicle toll due. So you drive very comfortably.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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