Arezzo - A jewel of medieval architecture and culture


Arezzo is a pearl of Tuscany and is characterized by medieval art and culture. Michelangelo is the city's most famous son.

It is not for nothing that the city of Arezzo is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Tuscany. Most of the countless wonderful sights date back to the Middle Ages. In this era, the architecture and art of Michelangelo gave the cityscape of Arezzo put the charming stamp on it. Michelangelo was born here in 1475. The work of the famous medieval artist is omnipresent here.

Architectural jewels are what make Arezzo so attractive
Arezzo's Duomo is one of the most important buildings in the city in western Tuscany. The Gothic cathedral was built from Macigno stone and is reached from Piazza Grande via Via dei Pileati.

The piazza is the medieval center of the city. The Palazzo delle Logge stands out particularly on the north side. The Giostra del Saracino equestrian games have taken place there since 1593. Twice a year, two riders from each of the city's four districts compete against each other. Markets and especially the houses from the Middle Ages with wooden balconies give the square its enchanting flair.

In addition to the Cathedral of San Donato, San Francesco is one of the most important churches in Michelangelo's city. The magnificent frescoes by the famous painter Piero della Francesca are among the greatest art treasures in Tuscany. The painter died died in Arezzo in 1492.

You should definitely visit the Casa del Petrarca. The famous humanistic poet is also one of the sons of the old city. The main museums of Arezzo are the Casa di Giorgio Vasari and the Museo Archeologico Mecenate. The home of the architect, highly valued by the Medicis, offers a wonderful journey into the art of the Middle Ages.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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