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Block your credit card or giro card abroad

While on vacation it can happen that the payment card (credit card, debit card, bank card, etc.) is lost or even stolen. Or you have reason to believe that your card data is no longer secure. The same now also applies to mobile phones, which increasingly also have payment functions.

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In this case, you have to react quickly: on the one hand, you have to limit the damage, and on the other hand, you have to be able to continue paying your bills. It is therefore fundamentally necessary to inform your house bank or your mobile operator as soon as possible. If possible, please make a note of the required accessibility prior to your vacation.

In the evenings or on weekends, in particular, it can be difficult to reach a competent helper, especially since you may have to call Germany from a borrowed cell phone and from abroad if you lose your cell phone. For this reason, there are fixed telephone numbers under which competent contacts in Germany are available to help you. Above all, this includes the club Blocking emergency call eV, which you can call from abroad under the number +0049 116 116 or 0049 30 4050 4050 around the clock. From abroad, network charges may apply for the telephone call.

Alternatively, you can use the phone number to block the EC / Maestro card 0049 1805 021 021 to disposal. There is currently a fee of 14 cents / minute.

We hope, however, that you will be spared such inconvenience and that you can enjoy your vacation in Tuscany!

Last updated: 05.03.2020

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