Electrical outlets in Italy


In Italy there are different plug connections for electrical devices than in Germany. However, the mains voltage is also 220/230 volts alternating current. Type F and type L are used as sockets in Italy.

An adapter is required for "large" plugs

If you bring your hair dryer, the warming device for the baby bottle or other electrical devices, you will usually also need an adapter for the plug.

The SKRoss travel adapter is always in our luggage. If you have a stopover in Switzerland, this can also be used.

Our "narrow" plugs usually fit

The “narrow” plugs (flat Euro plugs), such as for mobile phone charging cables or simple electronic devices, usually fit, but sit quite loosely in the socket. For this reason, Italian plugs have a third pin in the middle, which is only used for "stability" in the socket.

The large, round safety plugs (“Schuko plugs”) do not fit in Italy. They are mostly for electrical devices with a little more power, but the pins of the German plug are too thick.

Appropriate adapters are available in some hotels and holiday apartments. You can get the adapter here in every electronics store and in Italy in every major supermarket.

socket italy

Quaintly decorated socket with the typical three pins, of which the middle one is slightly larger.

Last updated: 13.03.2020

Image courtesy of stasal

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