Charming coastal landscape of Versilia


Versilia is certainly the most glamorous coast of Tuscany. Nevertheless, these sandy beaches, embedded in such a picturesque landscape in the Apuan Alps, are also ideal for one Family Holidays. Marina di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Massa and Carrara are the illustrious names of the seaside resorts and places that have given Versilia its worldwide reputation. The landscape is at its best, as high mountain peaks and wide sandy beaches characterize this uniquely beautiful coast. If you go to the furthest point of the pier that extends far into the sea Forte dei Marmi, looking back you not only see this beautiful jet-set place, but also the impressive Apuan Alps that form its background. In the evening light, this view is hard to beat, especially when there are dark clouds over the mountains, while you can still enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea even when the sun is low.

Aldous Huxley in Forte dei Marmi and Michelangelo in Carrara

Huxley admired Michelangelo, and the latter would probably have admired Huxley too, had they not lived at different times. In Carrara, Michelangelo selected the marble blocks from which he then created his sculptures, which Huxley in Florence and so impressed Rome. The author of the Brave New World regularly fled Florence to Forte dei Marmi in the summer to escape the unbearable humidity in the city. His descriptions of Versilia in Green Tunnels are breathtaking.

Viareggio, Puccini and many hotels for a relaxing family vacation

If you really want to experience a glamorous beach promenade with many beautiful boutiques and wonderful Belle Epoque hotels, you can Viareggio definitely not to be missed. Café Margherita, where Puccini, the famous Lucca-born composer, preferred to hang out, still attracts numerous guests today. In bronze, Puccini is still sitting among them, dressed rather conservatively among people in bikinis and swim shorts strolling along the Passeggiata in summer. From here to Marina di Carrara The wide sandy beaches, which are lined up by many cozy hotels, which are also affordable for families and some of which offer beach services such as loungers and parasols, are enough.

Last updated: 06.02.2024

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