Boat tours: explore the coast of Tuscany by boat


Relaxing and having fun on a boat tour on the Tuscan coast? No problem! Various providers give you the opportunity to explore the coast of Tuscany from the sea for an hour or perhaps the whole day for a fair price. Of course, a boat trip to an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, where a very special barbecue evening is offered in a bay, is particularly interesting. The boat excursion in front of the coast is also ideal for diving or water skiing.

A special experience is a trip to the coral reefs off Tuscany, which are mostly around the Elba Islands, Lily, Montecristo, Giannutri, Capraia, Pianosa and Gorgona, which make up the Tuscan archipelago. Let an experienced Tuscan captain guide you there to fish, dive or snorkel in peace.

We offer you two options below where you have the opportunity to set sail:

Tip! Boat tour with "Paolo the Fisherman" ( ); Here you can undertake a very special tour, because in addition to the boat tour you will also get an insight into the traditional fishing industry in Tuscany. Paoloilpescatore has made it its business to fish in a way that is compatible with nature and to bring the concept closer to other people.

ZDF already broadcast a report on this in 2008, which unfortunately can no longer be found. It explained the principle of sustainable fishing by Paolo Fanciulli. However, more videos can be found on YouTube using the search terms “Paolo il Pescatore”.

So you go on a day trip along the coast, at noon there is self-caught fish from the grill and you get information about ecologically balanced fishing as opposed to overexploitation in the sea. Specifically, it tells how some committed Tuscan fishermen managed to drive fishing gamblers off the coast of Tuscany and to formulate and pass new laws on fishing.

The tour starts from the port in Talamone (click here for map view) from.

Last updated: 26.03.2020

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