Sightseeing flights in Tuscany


Sightseeing flight: Explore Tuscany by plane

A sightseeing flight over Tuscany is an impressive and rather unusual experience. You get a special “overview” of Tuscany from the air. There is something special about looking at the landscape with its coast, the islands and also the cities like San Gimignano or Pisa from above. If you are a pilot and want to fly in Tuscany, we recommend the following website:

The following recommendation is aimed at all Tuscany vacationers without a pilot's license, who don't have their own plane, don't want to charter one, but still don't want to miss out on the opportunity to visit Tuscany from the air for a fair price. A former Alitalia pilot offers exclusive services to the guests of his beautiful agriturismo from Grosseto airport (click here for map view) Sightseeing flights over Tuscany, especially over the area of ​​Maremma and the islands. An unforgettable experience! The price per flight hour (not per passenger!) Is currently around 250,00 Euros and up to three passengers can fly. This would correspond to a contribution towards expenses of 83 euros per passenger and flight hour at maximum capacity.

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Last updated: 05.03.2020

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