Hiking in Tuscany


Below you will find links that lead to our hiking recommendations in Tuscany.

Tuscany is an ideal destination for excursions on foot. However, at least of the many holidaymakers who admire the beauty of Tuscany every year do so on foot. The country is very diverse, it offers an endless number of destinations in terms of culture and landscape and good weather stability. It would be purely organizational Tuscany for both hikers Well prepared as well as for tractors, although not of the sophisticated quality that we are used to in Germany. There is the Italian Alpine Association, CAI www.cai.it, which also has sections in Tuscany, e.g. B. in Florence, Lucca and Grosseto and takes care of hiking routes. Maps for regional hiking tips are available in the tourist resort information offices, easy to find with the white “i” on a brown background. It would not be a problem for experienced hikers to create the hiking routes themselves, although it would also be important to note that the signs for the hiking trails are not always optimal. German publishers also offer good hiking maps of Tuscany.

Hiking groups for the inexperienced

Those who want to hike Tuscany for the first time, or who shy away from extensive preparations for a successful tour, should join hiking groups. There are a number of offers from hiking guides who either walk on set tours “a la carte” with their groups or also carry out hikes on the desired paths. Entrusting yourself to these experienced hiking guides is definitely recommended if you hardly know Tuscany. Otherwise you could be walking down the streets and being pityingly smiled at by the drivers of cars and motorcycles.

Hiking in the natural parks of Tuscany

You will find very good hiking opportunities in the many nature parks and nature reserves of Tuscany. Nature parks are left in their natural state, in fact without any human influence. It is better to hike in these areas with a guide and never alone. Large numbers of nature reserves can be found in particularly beautiful local regions, also as excursion areas. In these recreational areas you have the guarantee of peace and quiet and real hiking pleasure, but never go off without good preparation. In the area of ​​the protected areas you will also find visitor centers, here you can find out everything you need to know and equip yourself with everything, in particular you can inquire about the guided hikes here. You can find the entire overview of these nature parks and nature reserves, some in German, at www.parks.it/regione.toscana.

Ideal season for hiking

The ideal hiking months are in spring and autumn, May and September / October. The summer months are too hot for hiking, the nature parks are partly inaccessible in summer because of the risk of fire, and in the winter months the mountain regions are particularly dangerous due to changes in weather. We recommend that you consult with your accommodation provider if you set out to hike in the natural regions. He can give you the necessary information that you urgently need to be aware of.

Hiking suggestions

I would like to suggest two easy hiking routes here, without claiming that they are the ultimate hikes in all of Tuscany. It is beautiful everywhere in Tuscany and the experience of the unique cultural landscape is most sustainable on foot.

Hiking around Monte Amiata

An enchanting route takes you in a nature reserve in southern Tuscany over a total length of 24 kilometers around the Monte Amiata... read more

tuscany hiking amiata

Walking along the coast

An impressive hiking trail that takes you along the coast in a nature reserve. Hike from bay to bay and enjoy the views over the Tyrrhenian Sea... read more

tuscany hiking beach

Last updated: 29.02.2024

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