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From the atmosphere of Tuscan old towns

In general, it is recommended that you find out about the surroundings of your holiday accommodation. All places in Tuscany have their own charm. On the one hand, this is due to the urban architecture; the Italians seem to have an innate sense for beautiful compositions of stones and surfaces, and also to the cheerful serenity in which life takes place in the piazza. For me it is always an uplifting experience to sit on some piazza, order a coffee and watch what is going on around me. The view of the house facades all around is pleasant, the coziness of the newspaper readers is calming, and the friendliness of the people you meet and who don't avoid a conversation is stimulating. It is no coincidence that Italian art and culture is world famous and can hardly be surpassed in terms of beauty and aesthetics. And it is not surprising that a small town in Tuscany, namely Massa Marittima, has dedicated itself to “slowing down”. Here everything is a little slower, less stressful and more humane. It's understandable that we as holidaymakers and guests feel particularly comfortable in such an atmosphere. A little tip: You have to see sights like the Leaning Tower of Pisa before. But dare to take a detour into one of the many side streets and immerse yourself in the Tuscan flair. Often you find yourself just a few meters away from the major sights, completely away from the tourist hustle and bustle, and small cafes and other localities invite you to have a coffee or a snack.

First recommendation: World Heritage Cities

If you are looking for perfect art and culture on your Tuscany vacation, then our first recommendation is the places those in the list of UNESCO were listed as world cultural heritage. This is an irrefutable reference for high-quality architecture, an unforgettable flair and unique architectural compositions of human genius. And if you don't have a taste for cultural achievements, then you will like any of the places suggested here, simply because of a beauty that you can take in and that will also make your soul sing.

Pisa: charming city with a leaning tower and a lot of history

Most people know Pisa because of its leaning tower - but they are often amazed when they see its cathedral and cathedral square, which are no less impressive. It is not without reason that these buildings are part of the world cultural heritage... read more

tuscany pisa dom

Siena: the city of the Palio

James Bond fans may already know Siena from the 007 film Quantum of Solace. The setting was not chosen by chance, as Siena impresses across the board. The beautiful old town holds many secrets for you to discover… read more

tuscany siena piazza

San Gimignano: the city of towers

It is not without reason that San Gimignano was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1990. See for yourself and immerse yourself deeply in the medieval flair of the old town. The city's famous towers are particularly striking, giving it a unique backdrop... read more

piazza del duomo

Pienza: dream city in the Orcia valley

The small town of Pienza stands in stark contrast to the bustling larger cities in Tuscany. Here you can experience the typical Tuscan flair, framed by an enchanting landscape. The Orcia Valley with its wineries and the old town of Pienza promise a relaxing stay… read more

tuscany pienza old town

Florence: cultural capital of Tuscany

Florence is actually a must for everyone who is interested in culture and culture in Tuscany History interested. The old Medici city offers far more than you can handle in one day and is therefore always worth visiting… read more

tuscany florence cathedral

Grosseto: capital of the Maremma

Most holidaymakers know Grosseto from shopping for their daily needs. The city does not have a special reputation. Nevertheless, it also offers some sights. Grosseto is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are in the area anyway… read more

tuscany grosseto dom

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