Hiking on Monte Amiata


Oasi Monte Amiata nature reserve

  • Duration: 1 day / 24 kilometers
  • Map view: click here
  • Reachability: via country road

Hiking from place to place

The total length of the circular route around the highest mountain in southern Tuscany is 24 km, the difference in altitude about 560 m at an average running height of about 1.000 - 1.300 m.

The path crosses beautiful villages and large forest areas with beech and chestnut trees. The Mount Amiata rises as a single, former volcano to over 1.700 m in height, so there are always beautiful views of the valleys, z. B. the Orciatal.

The ideal hiking time is October, when the chestnuts are ripe and are offered everywhere on the farms and there are also the regional village festivals, especially with wines from the region and the perfectly prepared chestnuts. You can walk the trail in several sections, otherwise it may be too long and too demanding.

From the villages of Arcidosso, Castel del Piano or Santa Fiora you have good access to the circular hiking trail. They are based on the information sign 10.

tuscany hiking amiata nature park

Last updated: 11.03.2021

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