Tuscany vacation for beginners: general information


Basically, we recommend approaching Tuscany with caution. Tuscany is a region that exudes a certain tranquility, even in the big cities, including Florence. It won't do you any harm if you adapt your gait to this reduced pace. Tuscany is a large province without any major industry. Tourism and agriculture are the main sources of income. The tourists come precisely because of the high recreational value that is offered here, and farming is not exactly a hectic activity because many factors such as weather, precipitation and ripening processes are calmly waited and accepted.

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That's why our suggestion for travelers to Tuscany is to plan enough time for rest and relaxation. A temporary apartment in the country is ideal for this, preferably with a swimming pool and self-catering. Then you have a refreshing swim on your doorstep and can eat and drink whatever you want and whenever you want at reasonable prices. It is sufficient to go on an excursion every other day and devote the days in between to doing nothing. At home in Germany after your vacation you can increase the gross national product and stabilize the euro all the more freely.

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Ideal travel time

The best time for Tuscany is early summer (May/June) and late summer (September/October). In midsummer, Tuscany is overcrowded and it is actually too hot to spend the whole day visiting the beautiful towers, squares and sights on the hills. Anyone who has school-age children cannot avoid the holiday season and should treat themselves and their family to at least two weeks of vacation time. Otherwise it could really be the case that you arrive home just as exhausted as when you left.

The language

Please also keep in mind that German is hardly spoken in Tuscany and there is also a lack of English. A pocket dictionary is therefore advisable. The Tuscans try hard to understand you, it's part of their hospitality mentality.

Last updated: 31.01.2024

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